The empowerment of women is a clamour to be able to speak of true social development, from the Barsaloi Mission we have been working with a constant group of women who are dedicated to other crafts and jewellery to the care and breeding of chickens. All this work is complemented by constant training through workshops and seminars. This group of about 25 women is a space for expression, freedom and sharing.

The different groups of women are always in the sights of all our development projects as they are almost all the time the ones who are left out of decision-making in the life of the community. Clearly, gerontocracy and patriarchal culture does not offer them many spaces for their full development as agents of social transformation.

One of the groups of women of Barsaloi is accompanied by sister Katerine and they mainly dedicate themselves to handicrafts and jewellery.

Also in Barsaloi there is another group of women dedicated to a small business initiative in pig farming and very soon fish farming, which also contributes to our goal of achieving nutritional diversification and allows them to have some few economic funds to improve the family situation.

In Tuum the Teresitas sisters also accompany other women's groups and make sewing and jewellery.

In Lodungokwe a local young lady who has just finished her university training in Project Management is accompanying and creating a series of groups with small business initiatives.