The Barsaloi Mission dispensary is coordinated by the Sisters of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus offering primary care and emergency services in addition to prevention and vaccination programs, especially for pregnant mothers and children under 5 years of age. Frequent visits are also made to the most remote communities that do not have access to health services, the main objective is prevention through information, training and vaccination of children under 5 years of age. Prenatal monitoring is also carried out and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and permanent access to medicines for patients are promoted.

From the three Missions Tuum, Barsaloi and Lodungokwe we are always attentive to providing emergency transportation services for patients, mothers in labour or in accidents to the nearest hospitals that can sometimes be located two hours away.

Local clinics can only provide basic primary care due to a lack of means and sometimes even electricity.

One of the main tasks carried out by the dispensary is the vaccination campaigns and all the workshops to train in hygiene, feeding programs, and sexual and reproductive health.

Visits to the most remote communities with mobile clinics are one of the most valued activities of all our work. For these clinics, we are always happy to have friendly hands from the health sector who want to join us and put their skills and knowledge at the service of the community.