Our local development projects focus on access to clean water through the excavation of water wells, the purchasing and installation of water tanks in schools and communities, the renovation of rooftops and other building structures to enable rainwater collection and the rental of water-carrier trucks to ensure clean water is available in schools and small population centres during the increasingly lengthy draughts most likely a consequence of climate change.

Access to clean water and sanitation is one of the sustainable development goals and it is a basic condition for any development project. As Missionaries of Yarumal we are clear that all projects of evangelization go hand in hand with the improvement of the basic conditions of life and dignity for all human beings. There are several experiences that we have undertaken in this line and many more projects that we have in the incubation stage and planning period. We have built or renovated solar-powered wells with the help of other organizations and sometimes with the local government in Lodungokwe, Barsaloi, Opiroi, Lchakwai. We also have some initiatives in Shallow Wells like Parkati or Rock catchments in Lodoukume and Mabati.

Recently, we built an aqueduct to connect all homesteads in Barsaloi and thus provide access to water to each one of their houses. There are many projects to be carried out, there are many people who even today live without the precious liquid or have to walk endless hours to get it. 

There are several communities where we must still undertake the construction of wells and there are others where it is definitely not possible to dig wells because there is no water in the subsoil,  that is why we are determined to carry out a project for the purchase of a Water truck that enables us to distribute water in all those communities through a service distributed in three feeder lines that would guarantee access to water at least during the strongest months of the drought, which are increasing due to global warming.