The Samburu community has been steadily transitioning from a semi-nomadic lifestyle to permanent settlements where access to basic services such as clean water, healthcare and housing have become a priority. 

It is for this reason that we have initiated two types of building projects: In the first type, we use stone as the main building material, combined with cement and zinc plates. This type of housing is composed of two sleeping rooms, a kitchen and a living room, at an overall cost of 2000 euros each. In the second type, we use cement blocks, iron beams, sand and grounded stone in addition to the zinc plates for the roof. These houses are also divided in two sleeping rooms a kitchen and the main living room at an overall cost of 5000 euros each.

A dignified house has been always one of the dreams of humanity and over the years while those communities are settling down in certain places the structure of their houses tends to change, nomadic life is transformed by the force of situations and family members who emigrate are already only young adults and some children who are responsible for the care of the Herds. The elders, many women and small children who attend public school need a more stable home to live in, it is in this context that permanent structures become more important and necessary for the Samburu people.