The pole garden is a method of gardening that is especially suitable for the (semi-)arid climate of Samburu Country. It gives the predominately pastoral families the means to enter horticulture and improve their livelihood.

A pole garden is basically a gardening plot that is covered by a net to shadow the plants from the fierce sun and protect them from animals. Combined with practices from organic farming (biological fertiliser, crop rotation etc.) and careful irrigation it allows a family to supplement their diet with vegetables and grow staple crops like maize or beans themselves. This makes them more independent and frees some family income for other necessities.

The gardeners have gained the required knowledge and skills at the training courses on the 3000 Friends Farm and have practised them on the grounds of the parishes. In the third phase, the pole gardens are then established within the compounds of each family. An agronomist accompanies them initially and increases their knowledge and skills further.

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