The 3000 Friends Farm is dedicated to organic farming. This farming system allows also small-holders to increase their productivity and reduces the strain on the environment in a big way.,

Organic farming (also known as ecological or biological farming) is an agricultural system that uses biological fertilisers derived mainly from animal and plant wastes (compost). These are usually produced directly on the farm,  thereby replacing all industrially manufactured fertilizers. 

Further, ecologically based pest controls are applied, for example, a natural predator to an insect or a particular plant that repels a pest, thereby avoiding the usual chemicals. Nitrogen-fixing cover crops are planted between and beneath the main crop to preserve and enrich the soil and to reduce weeding. Finally, all animal fodder is produced also locally so that inputs from outside are necessary.

The system is based on the idea of a closed circle as seen in nature: Everything is produced locally and waste products are re-inserted in the circle as a base for the next step of the cycle. This enables also smallholders to increase their productivity and yield with a minimal initial effort. The system preserves the environment and ensures safe and healthy food for future generations.

Organic Farm Cycle and the Agriculture Value Chain